15 Cities Without Which Your Cultural Travel is Incomplete

If you are one of those offbeat travel freaks who love indulging into the culture of the destination—romancing the artwork, food, music, history and literature around – there’s loads you can explore here. Being class apart from the crowds that travel places and seeing travel from the eyes of a culture lover, you deserve to know about destinations that can fulfill your craving to get the feel of the local cultural to perfection, indeed.

So, here’s an outline on world’s best 15 cities that are rich in requisites of a culture traveler like you:


Known for housing the highest number of museums, as many as 27, Shanghai is one city you would love exploring. But that’s not all. The city has much more to offer. It hosts remarkable places such as the Bund on the banks of Huanpu river and the lovely Yuyuan Gardens.


A cultural hub, London has tons to offer to the culture travelers. You name it and they have it! From literacy sites like the Baker Street to Keats’ House in Hampstead to the performing arts’ centers like the English Opera and West End theatres, London is full of sites that are worth taking at least a month’s off from work.


The pivot for historic masterpieces, Rome will have you glued to its monuments that take you back to the era of Renaissance and Baroque. Meanwhile, you simply cannot afford to miss the Vatican museums the city hosts. A boon to culture travel, Rome is as good as the entire list of cities you’d be exploring in this article.


This Indian city with a substantial historic significance dating back to the 1100 BC, has a lot to tell you about its spiritual culture. In fact, it identified as the spiritual capital of India and highly credited for its esteemed culture. A top pilgrimage destination for the Indians, the city is regarded as the home to salvation after death. It sees a huge population of artists indulged in producing hand-loom, ivory, silk thread and copper ware items.


Depicting the awe-inspiring Persian-Islamic architecture through mosques and palaces Isfahan is a city rich in historic monuments. It also has bridges built over rivers with a unique architecture and Shahrestan is the oldest among them. It also has museums that will leave you awe-struck.

New York

If you are a theatre and music lover, then New York is the place for you. Housing the grand Lincoln center for Performing Arts, that host Philharmonic, Met Opera, Ballet and Jazz, the city also offers a suite of galleries to explore.


A city known for its authentic music, Granada is a Pride for Spain. From bars to music festivals, you would see the super-talented artists playing flamenco most commonly here. Its Islamic architecture of the Alhambra is now recognized by a Heritage site by UNESCO.


Visiting Japan and missing out a trip to Kyoto is as good as a crime for a culture traveler. The city is full of exceptional cultural sites and galleries that speak volumes of the Buddhist Art.


The moment you step into the city of Paris, art and culture begin to get into your veins. A home to numerous artists and of the 19th and 20th century, the city also housed many leading writers like Flaubert, Maupassant and Proust. In addition, you will be thrilled to explore the Jazz clubs and the opera houses.


The city’s cultural and architectural aura will fill your eyes and heart with awe and delight. In addition to its huge historic significance dating back to 660 BC, the city’s mainstay is the Istanbul Biennale Art Festival.


A home to legendary poets like Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch, Florence has some finest galleries of the world for you to explore. The birthplace of the Renaissance, the city pleases the eyes with outstanding artwork by painters like Donatello, Fra Angelico and Botticelli.


A home to three religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the city hosts several scared sites including the western wall, church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock. You also get a chance to explore the Israeli and European Artwork at the museum collections.


A city as old as 331 BC, Alexandria has a powerful historic significance. A home to the ancient Royal libraries, this city is also credited for the origin of the Greek Poetry.


The city of Music, Vienna will drive you crazy with its eye-catching modern art. A city full of live concerts, and museums, will encapsulate you. So much so, that you would hate leaving back to your next destination or home.


If you were to explore the depth of Islamic culture, your one stop destination should be Samarkand. This title has not been an ordinary one. The city is recognized by UNESCO for housing the highest artistic and architectural achievements in entire central Asia.

A culture traveler’s demands are a bit different from rest of the world. He is highly indulgent – talking to the localities, delving into their food preferences and learning about the historic significance of things. The above cities will present to you ample opportunities to fulfil your interests!